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30 Deep Grimeyy - STL Blues (Official Music Video)

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105 STL Algorithms in Less Than an Hour

We are all aware that we should know the STL algorithms. Including them in our designs allows us to make our code more expressive and more robust. And sometimes, in a spectacular way.

But do you know your STL algorithms?

In this presentation, you’ll see the 105 algorithms that the STL currently has, including those added in C++11 and C++17. But more than just a listing, the point of this presentation is to highlight the different groups of algorithms, the patterns they form in the STL, and how the algorithms relate together. And all this in an entertaining way.

This kind of big picture is the best way I know to actually remember them all, and constitute a toolbox chock-full of ways to make our code more expressive and more robust.


CppCon 2018


Jonathan Boccara


CppCon Organizer provided Coding Tech with the permission to republish this video.

The Best Demo on C++ STL and its Power: sets, vectors, pairs, maps, upper_bounds, and MORE

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Rachit, an IIT Roorkee Alumnus and Software Engineer at Microsoft talks about C++ STL
2nd Lecture ►\u0026t=168s
C++ STL or Standard Template Library is very much important when it comes to competitive programming and clearing coding interviews.

I have solved more than 500 problems in my experience and looking back, I can surely say C++ STL is used almost in every medium difficulty problem. For example, you talk about Dijkstra, DFS, BFS and other Graph algorithms and you can always see C++ STL getting used there.

I have made a lecture where I talk about pairs, vector, sets, maps, lower_bound, upper_bounds, binary_search and how C++ STL can be used to solve really complex problems in just log(N) time.

Its one long 40 min introduction as I start from scratch, write code and explain it on the go and finally solve a complex problem just using sets and pairs.

Shout below another topic on which you want a video about!

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