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V1.3 Turn off Chip Info for HP Printer with LED Panel made after 2016

This is a part of HP Twin-Chamber refill series. If you want to see the full video, visit here:

How to: Remove New Version HP 564 920 902 934 935 OEM Cartridge Chips.

Many users transfer HP's chips to a 3rd party cartridge. The new HP chips are notoriously hard to remove. The chip is embedded in the cartridge. Heating the glue may also damage the chip. Furthermore, even if you removed the chip successfully, you will need to buy a chip adapter (aka blocker or holder) to secure it on the new cartridge. In this video, we tried a cold method. The result will not need a chip adapter, and the process doesn't cost any extra money.

Remove & Transplant Chips for HP Instant Ink Cartridge 902 934 935 564 920 Video 2 Part 2

We demonstrate how to transplant chips for HP cartridges 902, 920, 564, 934, 935. A comprehensive review can be found at: https://www.bchtechnologies.com/blog/a-comprehensive-review-of-refill-hp-564-920-902-934-and-935




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